Whitman County Chaplain

The Chaplain program is a non profit, citizen supported organization. The Chaplain is not paid by the Sheriff’s Office, Whitman County, nor does it receive any funds from Washington State. It is solely supported by donations.
Chaplain Ron McMurray is a member of International Conference of Police Chaplains and has been full time chaplain for the Whitman County Sheriff’s Office since January 1998.  He was ordained in 1975 and pastored in Connecticut and Washington. He has a Master’s degree in Law Enforcement Chaplaincy.
Chaplain McMurray has daily contact with the personnel at the Sheriff’s Office, including the jail staff and inmates. He is often on traumatic scenes offering assistance to the injured survivors and family members. At times he is called to the scene of a fatal vehicle collision, aircraft or boat incident, unattended death, suicide, drowning, or a domestic violence incident.  He makes death notifications to next of kin in assistance to the Coroner’s office. He works with the State Patrol, Deputies, city and town police officers and fire departments. He is part of the Whitman Community Hospital Chaplain staff and on call Emergency Room Chaplain. 
Please pray for safety for law enforcement officers, fire personnel, and hospital personnel.
Interested to know more? A quarterly is available, contact Chaplain McMurray.
Thank you for your continued prayers and support!
To support Chaplain Ron McMurray financially, donations may be made by submitting a check payable to
FBC Missions, First Baptist Church, 200 N. Mill, Colfax, WA 99111.  
Please make designation known in memo.  Thank you!
All contributions are tax-deductible and are made with the understanding that FBC Missions (a ministry of Colfax First Baptist Church) has complete control and administration of the donated funds.