Marcos and Telma Pereira met in 1998 at Camp Victoria, Brazil. In 1999 they were married and have served as missionaries since July of 1999. Both were raised in Christian families involved in missions.
They have four boys; Matheus, Max, Manasses, and Mark.

In August, Marcos, Telma, and Mark started an internship at Eagle Village in Michigan ( Since 1968 Eagle Village has designed camp adventure therapy programs that put therapy in motion. As they weave hands on experience with challenging, structured activities into treatment plans to aid therapy and teach social skills, they can involve the family in this process allowing for the achievement of lasting change. This opportunity for internship will aid in specialized training with a camp ministry that offers hope to the suffering; delinquent, trauma-impacted children and at-risk youth, many with behavioral problems.

Please pray:

For our physical and emotional health during this time of transition,

For wisdom as we continue planning for our time in the USA

For our family, as we seek where God is leading us to serve in 2024.

Marcos – March 1
Telma – June 22
Matheus – August 31, 2000
Max – November 22, 2003
Manasses – September 1, 2006
Mark – March 7, 2008
To support Marcos & Telma financially, donations may be made through the webpage above or submit a check payable to
FBC Missions, First Baptist Church, 200 N. Mill, Colfax, WA 99111.  
Please make designation known in memo.  Thank you!
All contributions are tax-deductible and are made with the understanding that FBC Missions (a ministry of Colfax First Baptist Church) has complete control and administration of the donated funds.