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9:45am in the Sanctuary 

Small groups at 11:15am

Contact the church office for more information



 Krav Maga is an Israeli self-defense system used by military and police all around the world.  Learn skills needed to survive any situation or circumstance.

Join us as we learn and practice techniques that can be mastered by anyone regardless of age, size or previous training.

Sessions are taught by Krav Maga of Spokane


Saturday, April 27thWomen’s Session: 9-11 am  Men’s Session 11:30 am -1:30 pm

(ages 11 and up)

Cost is $50 for 2 full hours of training 

Cash or check payable at the door. 

Wear loose-fitting clothing and bring a water bottle

Pre-register at KravMagaColfax@gmail.com