More than a Story

 As we kick off a new year, I want to recommend a resource that will help parents fulfill their responsibility to train their children in the fear and admonition of the Lord. I have used Sally Michael’s children’s book called More than a Story for several months with my boys, and I am really impressed with it.

More than a Story is a two-volume set, with one volume for each Testament. I have worked through quite a few children’s resources during our family devotions over the years. There are several aspects to this one that I really like.

First, it is a comprehensive resource. By necessity, children’s Bibles cannot include every Bible story. This one does not either; yet as I worked through the Old Testament Volume (we are about to start the NT volume), there are several stories included that we have not covered in some of the simpler resources I used. Other stories are more detailed. This has added another layer to my sons’ Bible knowledge.

Second, Sally Michaels does a good job of using Scripture. Children’s Bibles tell the story in children’s language. Yet, I really want my sons to be familiar, not just with the stories of the Bible, but of the language. This resource does a good job of weaving Scripture into the daily lessons. The key parts of the story are usually quoted directly from the Bible. Furthermore, other scriptures are quoted when making applications or teaching a big principle.

Finally, I have really appreciated the emphasis on key theological principles and the helpful applications made that are relevant to children. It is not just telling stories. It helps children understand who God is and how He works. Furthermore, it also lays an important foundation for the gospel. This helps hchildren understand who they are as sinners and how God has provided salvation through Jesus. It calls them to first believe and then to obey.

This resource is not best suited for young children. There is a little older audience in mind. It would also be helpful to a new believer who has had minimal exposure to the Bible. It would help them learn the big picture of God’s character and how He has worked through the ages to bring salvation to mankind.