First Friday is taking a break for the 2018 – 2019 season.  If you have questions or if you are interested in taking over this ministry, contact the church office.   397-4676


We are excited to provide free childcare for parents to have a night out!  Whether you’re in need of a date with your spouse, or just some kid-free time, let us help!  Pre-registration is not necessary, you are welcome to spread the news, and just show up!  We do need a parent/guardian to drop kids/pick them up.  Please do NOT just drop kids off at the door.  Thank you!  


Kids will be in age appropriate groups.  Nursery will be open for those up to 2 years of age.  Older kids will be able to play supervised in the gym, watch a movie (Veggie-Tales or similar), do a craft project, etc.  

Who:  Anyone with kids of all ages  (no age limit–we may put the older kids to work, helping out with the younger!)

What:  FREE childcare

When:  The first Friday of every month  (unless is falls on a Holiday, then we will bump it back a week)
6 TO 9 pm

Where:  First Baptist Church (200 N Mill St. Colfax, WA)

How:  Simply show up at the church with your kids.  You will need to fill out some basic information on your first night, and then sign them in each month

Why:  Because we all need a night “off” every once in awhile!

Questions?  Please contact Rachel at 208.310.9809

How you can help:

1.  PRAY!!  For the kids and the families involved

2.  Donate snacks and/or money for activities and food

3.  Volunteer to help out for a month.  (We even have a simple “door monitor” job where you can just sit and monitor the main door for the evening!)  Please contact Rachel at 208.310.9809 or to sign up for a month