The Story is a 31 week overview of the entire Bible.  It utilizes an abridged version of the 2011 NIV Bible (by Zondervan) in chronological order and laid out in a novel format with some additions to help the text flow.  This book is not intended to replace the Bible, but hopefully give you an overview of what the Bible is all about. 


For August 18, 2019 Read Chapter 31 of The Story

Topic: The End of Time

Focus: A New Beginning

Text: Acts 20-23, 27-28; Ephesians 1-6; 2 Timothy 1-4

Questions to Ponder:
1.  What was John’s response when he saw Jesus in the vision?  Why did he respond this way?
2.  What were the warnings Jesus gave to the churches?   In what way do these warning apply to your life?
3.  What do you learn about God from His actions and descriptions in this chapter?
4.  What does this chapter reveal about what heaven will be like?
5.  Why is it important to think about and set your hope on heaven?
6. What steps can you take to set your hope more fully on what you know about eternity from this chapter?
Questions taken from: The Story 2005, 2008. 2011 by Zondervan, Grand Rapids, MI.